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See How These Sikh Dentists Are Impacting Their Community



The Tooth Wise team spend a day with the British Sikh Doctors Organisation (BSDO), a vibrant charity, made up of health students and professionals from all backgrounds. At a free health screening event in Ealing, volunteers screened anyone for common and potentially life-threatening medical, dental & ophthalmic diseases. The founders of the BSDO & volunteers who attended explain why they serve their community in this way & how the work they do can have an impact on anyone who attends.

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5 Unbelievable Ancient Dental Treatments



1. Ancient Italian Fillings

In March 2017 the American Journal of Physical Anthropology released a paper called “The dawn of dentistry in the late upper Paleolithic”.

The paper showed newly uncovered evidence for a dental practice in Tuscany, Italy, over 13,000 years ago. Two upper central incisors showed evidence of a cavity preparation by stone tools with traces of a crude filling material. The filling material was made of bitumen with plant fibres & hairs embedded into it!


2. Ancient Indian Bow Drills

The city of Mehrgarh contains a 9000 year old tomb where 11 drilled molars were discovered in 2001. In 2006 a research paper in Nature proposed that Mehrgarh was a centre of proto-dentistry in practice, in the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. Bow Drills, also used for starting fires & woodwork, were used as dental drills.

Interestingly, the teeth were different ages, with the oldest being about 9000 years old & the most recent about 7500 years old. Perhaps this was a longstanding ancient dental practice?


3. Ancient Egyptian Toothpaste

“One drachma of rock salt – a measure equal to one hundredth of an ounce – two drachmas of mint, one drachma of dried iris flower and 20 grains of pepper, all of them crushed and mixed together.”

This is a 1700 year old recipe for a “powder for white and perfect teeth”, according to an Ancient Egyptian scribe. Interestingly, iris flower has been used by many civilisations as herbal medicine. The French symbol of the fleur-de-lis is thought to be a stylised Iris after King Louis supposedly had a dream, telling him to use the flower as the national flower of France.


4. Ancient Middle Eastern Toothbrush

A “miswak” is a teeth cleaning twig made from Salvadora persica tree twigs. Across Ancient Mesopotamia, Northern Africa & India, chewing twigs from trees which have natural antibacterial agents are still commonly used in many areas.

In 1986 the World Health Organisation recommended the use of chewing sticks but since 2000 studies showed that further evidence is needed before patients can be given this advice.


5. Ancient Etruscan Bridges

In Pre-Roman times Northern Italy was dominated by the Etruscans, where beautiful ox bone and gold wire bridges were created over 2500 years ago.

Intriguingly the bridges were a status symbol of the time, with women having a tooth extracted in order for an expensive bridge to be put in!


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8 Most Frustrating Moments Every Dentists Understands



1. Your equipment stops working.

It could be your chair, light, drill or light cure. It doesn’t matter – in this moment, nothing is more frustrating.

2. Your patient tells you they’re brushing twice a day & floss all the time.

But it’s obvious they’re lying to you…

3. Your patient just keeps closing their mouth!

Longest appointment ever.

4. Or their mouth opening is fine… their mouth is just tiny 😒


5. You put loads of effort into carving morphology into a restoration, only for it to fail within a week 🌚

6. Your patient keeps falling asleep.

Is the chair that comfy?

7. Your patient desperately needs treatment but they avoid it.


8. You’ve been treating your patient for absolutely ages and they don’t show up to a crucial appointment.


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Top 5 Clinical Cases This Week



1. Smile Makeover for a Patient With Heavily Stained Teeth


By: @drmertyuce

2. Smile Makeover of Harry Potter Actor, Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)


By: @celebritydentistry

3. Implant Denture Smile Makeover


By: @dr.gothsiu

4. Supragingival Debridement of Lower Anterior Teeth


By: @alldentfor

5. Orthodontic Treatment of Crowded and Misaligned Teeth


By: @ortodontisthanifiyildirim


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