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7 Problems only Bearded Dentists will Understand



 1. Materials get in there


You weren’t even the one mixing alginate – yet somehow it ends up in your beard?


2. Building Rapport


Building rapport with new patients is a difficult skill to master. However, it becomes even more difficult when your patient can’t avoid staring at your mane. Erm.. excuse me.. my eyes are up here?


3. Facemask Itches


We’ve all been there – that tight face-mask itching your face like you’ve been stung by a bee.


4. Spiky Beards


You got lazy and didn’t trim it for a week straight. Your scraggly mess of a beard has been punching its way through your face-mask, and your patient is giving you VERY strange looks!


5. Scaring Babies


You take your face-mask off and they see your beard. The look of raw fear in their eyes is stuck in your mind for one week minimum.


6. Clinics After Lunch

Usually it’s the patient who forgets to remove food before visiting you. However, today there’s a small piece of food on your cheek waiting to drop on your patient.


7. Beard Sweats

It’s like meat sweats, but concentrated around your beard when you’ve been wearing a mask ALL DAY!


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13 Things You Wish You Did During A Viva



1. Prepped more…


2. Should I have worn my tunic instead?


3. Should I have worn a tie?


4. Maybe I should have spent more time on this question instead?


5. How did I not know the answer to that?!


6. Should have polished my models more…


7. Should have shaped that composite better…


8. Wish I had reflected more…


9. I knew I should have spoken about occlusion!


10. Should have shortened that answer…


11. Should have lengthened that answer…


12. Did I mention the perio?!


13. Should have mentioned long term maintenance…


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10 Signs Your Tutor Has Your Back



1. They actually value your input on treatment planning


2. They don’t look over your shoulder 24/7


3. Always on hand when you need them


4. They actually help you understand why you do what you do


5. Instead of just saying stuff at you 🙄


6. They’ll have tips and tricks for days


7. They inspire you to be the best you can be


8. Encourage you to tackle more complex cases


9. Give you clinical autonomy


10. Actually has useful exam tips 🤔


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12 Mistakes You Always Make in an Exam



1. Forget your candidate number


2. Forgetting which location the exam is in


3. Forgetting your seat number


4. And then sitting in the wrong seat…


5. …Then the person comes and asks you to move


6. Forgetting to take stuff out of your pockets


7. Forgetting to turn your phone off


8. Forgetting your stationary


9. Misreading the question


10. Not paying attention to the time


11. Forgetting to turn over the page and realise there is another question


12. Forgetting to actually revise 🙈


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