17 Signs Your Dental School Is Amazing

1. Every dental student is super happy to be here


2. And so many of them have become your friends for life


3. You always get the patients you want…


4. And they’re delightful!


5. There’s a strong work hard play hard ethos


6. Tutors here are more like your friends


7. They have all sorts of clinical tricks up their sleeves


8. And the queue to see a tutor is miniscule


9. Lectures are interesting (for the most part)


10. Your equipment is unbreakable


11. You’ve always got materials on tap


12. Your timetables are seamless


13. You don’t fall asleep in seminars (most of the time)


14. Nurses seem to work at the speed of light


15. But still have time to chat with patients


16. Your clinical partner always saves you when you’re about to make a mistake


17. You feel like everyone’s got your back