15 Signs You Should Teach Dentistry

1. You have a knack for simplifying complex topics


2. You love explaining how things work


3. You love the sound of your own voice


4. You need that ego boost, especially on a Monday morning


5. That pride you feel when your student gets their eureka moment


6. You love helping people succeed and realise their true potential


7. You see the best in people, even when they don’t


8. You have tips and tricks for days


9. Your clinical work is on point


10. Blazers with suedes elbow patches is all you ever wear


11. You wear glasses, so naturally you know your stuff


12. You tell everyone off about timing but you’re always late


13. You teach in a different accent so people take you seriously


14. You love marking with that red pen


15. You call it as it is, no need for sugarcoating #sugarfree