14 Struggles Every First Year Dental Student Has

1. Finding the right size tunic


2. Of the 101 books I have which one will I need today?


3. Where is this clinic again?


4. When will I actually be on clinics?!


5. What order do I put on PPE again?


6. When you forget your logbook…


7. When you bring the wrong logbook πŸ™ˆ


8. So pKa and pH are the same, no?


9. Where do I get my NHS card? 😍 (so I can get 20% off at Nandos…)


10. When you realise there isn’t a CGP book for dentistry


11. When you realise past papers are a myth


12. What, they changed the curriculum again?


13. Getting your head around inverted vision


14. Submissions are only valid via turnitin πŸ™„