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13 Snippets From The ADI National Forum Lectures



A few weeks ago I had the eye-opening experience of listening to speakers at the Association of Dental Implantology’s National Forum. In UK dental schools, implantology isn’t a huge part of our curriculum so before the conference I really didn’t know what to expect. This year the conference was held in Manchester. Topics ranged from the future of implant digital workflows, tackling peri-implantitis, to the latest bone regeneration materials.


Below are a few of the take home messages I got from listening to the speakers at the event!

1. Implants are going to become a much more mainstream part of general dentistry over the next decade.

2. Shifts in patient expectations mean that implant dentistry can be life changing, especially for patients with orofacial deformities.

3. Implant designs are becoming more and more in the hands of dentists.

4. Future implant coatings could reduce incidences of peri-implantitis.

5. Periodontitis and peri-implantitis have overlapping, but different, pathogens detected in pockets, meaning targeted antimicrobial therapy could be key in the treatment of peri-implantitis.

6. Digital workflows and guided surgery are making implant dentistry more predictable and less stressful for dentists.

7. Dynamic navigation could be the future with further enhanced accuracy when placing implants.

8. 3D printing and CBCT are moving into dental practices more and more.

9. Looking at failure cases are key in becoming better clinicians.

10. As research for slow drilling protocols develop, it could become more and more common in the future.

11. Bone expansion techniques mean that primary stability can be achieved in patients with lower bone levels.

12. A new technique of osseodensification can result in a higher bone volume and higher quality bone.

13. The antimicrobial properties of graphene could mean it has a huge future in dentistry.

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Moments From The Office That Sum Up Your Day On Clinics




When your master GP fits the apex perfectly

When the lab work comes back and nothing fits as it should then you realise you have to re-do all the impressions 

Seeing that you’ve fallen short of your UDA target 

How you think when you’re giving better diet advice, 

When the patient actually listens to your OHI and now their plaque score is <10%

Remember have you had to apply for your performer number? 

When you just nod and agree to every thing your clinical partner says 

So water fluoridation could stop tooth decay as it’s completely preventable? 

Seeing your patients outside of the practice 

Remembering to pay your ARF and realising it’s just going to increase for no reason again 

When you and your nurse are in sync and treatment just flows 


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dentistry




1. Originally dental care was free to all when the NHS was set up 70 years ago

2. The 3 streams of dental care made available in 1948 are still going today ( General practice, hospital and schools)

3. When costs were first introduced in the NHS, dental treatment was charged at a flat rate of £1

4. The first dental degree awarded by any British university was by the University of Birmingham in 1901

5. Cocaine was originally used as an anaesthetic for tooth related pain in 1884

6. The first ‘modern toothbrush’ was designed and created by William Addis in 1780

7. In 1921 the Dentists Act was published permitting only registered dentists to practise.

8. Fluoride toothpaste came to Britain in 1958

9. The first dental contract was introduced in 1990 by the family health services

10. Lillian Lindsay was the first woman in the UK to qualify as a dentist.

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9 Trump Gifs That Summarise Your Day On clinics




1. When you give your treatment plan to your tutor to confirm

2. When the coronal aspects fractures whilst accessing during your endo.

3. Selecting the right shade be like

4. When you try to describe your crown prep

5. When you do you’re first surgical extraction and your tutors asks “How’s it going?”

6. Then the you actually tell your tutor about the extraction

7. When your patient talks to you about their cat, last holiday to somewhere in europe, being gluten free and crossfit whilst you just sit there like…

8. When you finish seeing all your patients and get to leave at 3

9. When your tutor asks you anything

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