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12 Things You Wish You Did During Revision



1. Revised more (surprise, surprise)๐Ÿ™ˆ


2. Gone through lecture notes


3. Actually read the books your tutor told you to read…


4. Going through articles instead of youtube videos


5. Group study sessions in the library instead of the bar ๐Ÿป


6. Getting a good night’s sleep before the exam, instead of panicking at 3am in the morning ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


7. …Whilst in the foetal position


8. Been more organised, sticky notes, colour coordinated binders etc etc


9. But also stopped highlighting every. single. word.


10. Stopped comfort eating Oreos


11. Asked older students what the exam was actually like…duh!


12. Wished you’d absorbed all that important feedback from your tutor

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12 Mistakes You Always Make in an Exam



1. Forget your candidate number


2. Forgetting which location the exam is in


3. Forgetting your seat number


4. And then sitting in the wrong seat…


5. …Then the person comes and asks you to move


6. Forgetting to take stuff out of your pockets


7. Forgetting to turn your phone off


8. Forgetting your stationary


9. Misreading the question


10. Not paying attention to the time


11. Forgetting to turn over the page and realise there is another question


12. Forgetting to actually revise ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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Top 5 Clinical Cases This Week



1. Calculus Build Up

2. Smile Design

3. Orthodontic Treatment

4. Radiographic Diagnosis

5. Diastema Closure


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13 Struggles You Had on Your First Clinical Session



1. When you realise youโ€™ve picked the wrong sized glove


2. When you get the right size you only end up ripping it


3. The struggle of putting on gloves


4. When you have a brand new kit and you realise the probe is missing


5. Or having a bent probe


6. That moment when you place the mirror on the bracket table only for it to disappear


7. When your alginate mix didnโ€™t have enough water


8. Only for your next batch to have to much


9. When you forget your patient bib only to realise half way through treatment


10. Trying to remember which bands link to each BPE score


11. Remembering to do a BPE


12. When anything brown looks like caries


13. That feeling when it all comes together and you help the pt smile again


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