12 Things Every First Year is Thinking Right Now

1. When does freshers end again?


2. The coughing in the lecture theatre 😷


3. I’ve met over 500 people, but don’t remember any of their names! 😂


4. Who are these people I took selfies with? 👀


5. Why have I got so many emails? Oh wait.. I signed up for every society.. 😋


6. My friend did a gap year and just won’t shut up about it 😔


7. “Where are you from?” “What do you study?” I’ve answered this 1000 times already 🌚


8. “Which school did you go to?” WHY do people ask this? They’re from the opposite side of the country…


9. Pizza is my best friend


10. When do the teeth lectures start? 👀


11. Why am I learning about the anatomy of the thorax???!??!


12. OMG! How am I going to see patients next year 😱