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12 Things That Always Happen During A Viva



1. You panic over the simple things, like β€œWhat is your candidate number?”


2. You realise you’ve forgotten your study models πŸ™ˆ


3. If in doubt, ramble, maybe if I talk all the time no one will ask me a question?


4. You feel like you’re being interrogated


5. Followed by that feeling when you correctly answer the question!


6. The pride when you show your before and after images πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


7. When they make you second guess your own work…


8. The stone cold stares


9. The awkward silence


10. Then nervously laughing to break the awkward silence…


11. That feeling when they only make notes as you talk…It’s TERRIFYING


12. The feeling of relief when its all over! Woo!


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Top 5 Clinical Cases This Week



1. Full Mouth Rehab


2. Guided Implant Surgery


3. Fixing Crown Fractures


4. How To Do an Anterior Restoration


5. Immediate RCT and Restoration


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17 Things You Think During Your First Crown Prep



1. Which surface do I start on again?


2. How much reduction do I need?


3. When you find the perfect bur!


4. Figuring out how to position your bur…


5. …Whilst maintaining a good taper and parallel walls


6. …Only to realise you’ve over tapered


7. …Or managed an undercut!


8. That feeling when you can see all the margins!


9. Wait was it chamfered or shouldered?



10. That feeling when you start to prep inter-proximally…


11. …And manage not to knick the adjacent tooth!


12. That feeling When your impression is on point


13. Compared to when its not…


14. Which bur should I use again?


15. When you realise you’ve forgotten to take a putty matrix


16. When your temp is perfect first time round


17. …and then when you pray that it’ll last till the lab work is back


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10 Reasons Dental Students Are Awesome!



1. Our smiles light up the world ✨


2. We supply our friends and family with free toothpaste…


3. …and free floss…


4. …and sometimes even swanky new electric toothbrushes!


5. We provide free dental work to literally thousands of amazing patients…


6. …and help them to smile again, with confidence!


7. We get to hone our love for art with our love for science


8. We’re cooler than medics


9. Our awesome tunics are all the rage πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


10. And we, of course, give our undivided love for all things Dentistry!


If you’re an awesome dental student, enter the Future of Dentistry Awards here!


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