10 Signs you should become an Oral Surgeon

1. The sight of blood has never scared you, ever.


2. To you, extracting a tooth is like delivering a baby 😂


3. You prefer to be on your feet. Forget working in an office!!🙄


4. Sharp and dangerous instruments were one of the main reasons you picked dentistry.


5. ‎Injections are always fun, especially ID Blocks 💉


6. ‎Every time you see a lump your instinct wants you to chop it off!


7. Material science bores you to death. A filling is a filling!


8. ‎Looking down a microscope makes you want to cry. Teeth are small enough to work with already! 😂


9. ‎You idolise the oral surgeon who extracted your own teeth, they’re legendary 🔑


10. ‎Seeing a supernumerary tooth genuinely excites you.