10 Most Awkward Situations Only Dentists Will Understand

1. When your friends and family think you’re a doctor and ask you questions like: “So, I’ve got this pain is my right foot…”


2. Or when they ask you about their teeth ALL THE TIME!


*Goes to ANY social gathering*
You: Hey man, how’ve you been?
Friend: Yeah, great…so I’ve got this problem with my tooth? *opens mouth as wide as possible 2 millimetres away from your face*


3. When you see cling film and all you can think about is infection control


4. When an endo ring is the only jewellery you can wear below the elbow.

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5. When your patient is a tongue wrestling world champion


Trying to retract their tongue with your mirror, but it’s impossible.


6. Or when your patient falls asleep in the chair and you have to wake them up…


7. And they pretend like they weren’t sleeping…


8.When your patient tries to set you up with their son or daughter…


9. When you’re taking an impression and it won’t come out


You tell the patient it’s all going to fine, but you’re internally freaking out!


10. Followed by the relief you feel when you manage to remove it…

All is well in the world again!